Helping you become your most expansive self

With the use of mindful awareness and quiet contemplation


Cameron Burris



Welcome! I'm a therapist, social worker, yogi, social scientist, and editor but more than anything I'm a HEALER. My life's purpose is to help you reach your full potential by carefully examining the limiting beliefs that keep you from being your best self. 


I have a multi-layered understanding of human nature--what makes us tick, what grounds us, and what enlivens us. I use this unique skill set to understand the landscape that is YOU!


Whether you're looking for counseling, guided yoga instruction, or editing services, I can help you dig a little deeper to uncover your most authentic, expansive self.


Let me help you understand how your communication with self affects those around you. Services available for individuals, couples, and families.


Whether you need help proofreading documents for school, work, or professional purposes or are looking for help refining larger-scale projects, I can help. Contact me to get a quote.


What is yoga? How can I use it to transform my life? These are the questions we'll explore through mindful movement and meditation, for more balanced living on and off the mat. 

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