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Begin Your Journey to Happiness

Begin Your Journey to Happiness

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Quiet Contemplation, LLC

Whether you're looking for therapy, guided yoga instruction, corporate trainings, or group coaching packages, I can help you dig a little deeper to uncover your most authentic, expansive self.

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Practice Areas


Mental Health Therapy

A healthy relationship with ourselves requires a fundamental understanding of our internal systems, particularly our mind, body, and spirit. Through careful examination of the self, we'll work to explore the maladaptive experiences, beliefs, and meaning that keep you from reaching your full potential. Services available for individuals, couples, and families. Prices available on sliding fee scale based on income.


Our relationship with conflict determines our ability to successfully navigate "sticky" conversations. Depending on our positions, roles, and statuses, we may have been conditioned to respond to conflict in passive or aggressive ways, which secretly undermine any chance of successful resolution. Conflict resolution coaching can help you to enhance your communication, and thus relationship, with others. Appropriate for individuals, couples, families, and corporate settings. Prices available on sliding fee scale based on income


While mental health therapy is focused on processing and synthesizing past experiences, life coaching focuses on present and future outcomes. This empowerment-focused, goal-oriented approach supports autonomy and builds accountability. Life coaching is perfect for individuals or small groups, who may benefit from the sense of community developed through goal setting. Prices available on sliding fee scale based on income.


The concept of yoga has become largely saturated by a focus on the physical body. In truth, a strong yoga practice consists not only of the physical body but also the mind. The overarching "goal" of yoga is to restore balance, for more mindful living on and off the mat. Through meditation, reflection, and mindful movement we'll explore how balance, or a lack thereof, affects your day to day living on and off the mat. Please contact for a quote.


Interactive workshops are a great way to learn about ourselves and the beliefs, values, and commonalities we all share! Workshop topics range from conflict resolution and social justice to anxiety and holistic wellness. Group and corporate packages available. Please contact for a quote



Corporate trainings are valuable tools to enhance knowledge, skills, and competence among team members.  Strengthening these areas creates a knowledgeable staff who can take over for one another when needed while improving employee and team performance. Please contact for a quote.