Cameron Burris, MSW,RCSWI


I'm a change agent. 

I've spent the past six years serving the community in social services. Throughout my years of experience I've learned a lot about systems, or groups of parts that interact with each other. I've been studying systems theory since working on my undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology. We often think of systems in big picture terms, but did you know we all have individual, internal systems that, when balanced, keep us functioning at our best? Understanding systems not only helps us connect with others in more meaningful ways, but also helps us create our best work! I have a masters degree from the University of South Florida in clinical social work and advanced certifications in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and life coaching techniques. All of these skills I use to help you reach your full potential. Please see below for a precise breakdown on how my experiences can serve you. I can't wait to connect with you!



I'm a small business owner and entrepreneur, providing holistic wellness and editing services in individual and small group settings


I'm a clinical social worker and hotline advocate, helping clients reach their full potential at a community counseling agency and domestic violence shelter.


I'm a research assistant and project coordinator, helping to implement mental health interventions to sexual trauma survivors in Haiti.


I'm a child protective investigator, engaging families to understand family dynamics, challenges, and solutions.


I'm a reading teacher and researcher at an elementary school.


I'm an English tutor for elementary, middle, high school, and collegiate students.


I'm a family care manager, collaborating with families to connect them to community-based resources.

Previous Speaking Engagements

American Public Health Association

2018 Student Presentation, “Health Equity Now”

San Diego, CA

Hillsborough Community College

2019 Self-Care Q&A Panel

2019 Suicide Prevention Q&A Panel

2020 Faculty In-Service, “Unity”

Brandon, FL

Innovocative Theatre

 2019 Antibullying Talkback Panel

Tampa, FL

Jack and Jill Association of America

2019 Workshop on Healthy Communication with Conflict

Greater Tampa Chapter

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