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About Cameron

Hi there! My name is Cameron and I'm the founder and owner of Quiet Contemplation Counseling. I am a licensed clinical social worker, registered yoga instructor, and workshop facilitator that's committed to helping you become your favorite self! I'm also certified in life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, and mindfulness practices. I have been practicing social work for almost a decade and love learning what grounds, connects, and excites us! Despite the headway we've made to normalize therapy, there's still work to be done to make therapy more fair, equitable, and accessible. As both a therapist and an advocate, my office is where safe space meets compassionate advocacy.

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is one who is ready to be their own change agent and is often the first of their social/family group to break from the status quo. My most successful clients are ones who learn to use their own voice, set healthy boundaries, and advocate for their own needs. They understand that pouring into ourselves without shame and guilt makes us even better lovers, friends, and community members. No issue is too big or too small for this client; what matters most is their willingness to brave the unknown and their trust in me to help guide them.

About Nathalie

I am a LGBTQ+ youth mentor, support group facilitator, and clinician in training at Quiet Contemplation LLC. My educational background has informed my therapeutic approaches of mindfulness practices and cognitive behavioral therapy. There are barriers within our lives that often feel impossible to overcome. When things often feel overwhelming, it is important to me to emphasize your strengths and empower you to uncover how to navigate these barriers. I offer inclusive therapeutic services for individuals who are 18+ who come from all orientations, genders, and relationship structures. I have experience working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, identity exploration, and adjusting to life changes. I look forward to learning how to best support you.  

My Personal Beliefs and Interests  

I believe you are the expert on your own experiences. I am excited to work with you as you gain insight, use your voice, and set healthy boundaries. Systemic injustices can impact many issues affecting a person from seeking counseling. As a black queer and non-binary person, I am passionate about assisting clients in navigating these systems that often feel insurmountable.   

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